The Global Music Alliance is proud to announce the launch of the High School Music Company (HSMC) with its first ever auditions,  tba inside of school to be determined.high school music company

PART 1: Performance Audition

  • Prepare and perform one musical selection that demonstrates your musicianship and technical proficiency.
  • Instrumental music students must bring their instruments to the audition. However, the school will provide a piano, double bass, tuba, percussion, harp, and guitar amplifier.

PART 2: Rhythmic Memory Test

  • Applicant taps back rhythmic patterns

PART 3: Tonal Memory Test

  • Applicant sings short melodies played by the examiner

PART 4: Sight-reading test (Instrumental applicants only)
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions — Music

Q: What are the examiners looking for?
A: Musicianship, talent, and the ability to learn

Q: What style of music should be performed at the audition?
A:  Students may sing any song for the audition; however, students who have not selected a song and need assistance may wish to refer to Suggested Vocal Song List.    Also, it is recommended that the selection not mimic a popular performer’s style, but rather display originality and technical proficiency.

Q: Can an applicant use an accompanist?
A: No. Students are asked to audition a cappella – without accompaniment.

Q: How long should the musical selection be?
A: As long (or short) as you need to demonstrate your musicality. (Note: The examiners do not always listen to the entire selection.)

Q: Do I audition with other students in the room?
A: No. Only the school’s musical staff and you are in the room.

Q: If I have played in concerts, etc., should I bring or send my press clippings, programs, or Playbills to the audition?
A: You can, if you wish. However, you will be judged by the musicianship you demonstrate at the audition.

Q: How long should I have studied music before auditioning?
A: It makes no difference as long as you can display your innate or practiced talent.

Q: I play the drums. How can I audition if I usually play with a group?
A: You may play the part you play in the group.

“The  High School Music Company is an update to the traditional model of classical music education.   In order to prepare music students of today, they’re prepped for the multifaceted and diverse opportunities available to today’s musicians,”r. “At a time of rapid change in the professional music world, we are committed to putting our students on a professional music path that will answer the demands of 21st century music.”

In addition to helping students build extremely strong core skills as music makers, Special Music School High School prepares them to improvise and compose as well as perform, understand music technology and collaborate with other musicians both in small and large groups while providing meaningful experience working with living composers.
Who can apply?

HSMC accepts applications from any current 8th-12th grade student who lives in Compton.

How to apply:


STEP ONE: Application

Option 1: Online Application (PREFERRED)
You can find and fill out an application to Special Music School High School here.

– OR –

Option 2 (hard copy). Application forms can be picked up from the front desk at Compton Unified School District headquarters or downloaded from here.
STEP TWO: Supporting Materials
1. Send in or drop off a copy of your current report card and standardized test scores. Documents can be emailed to

2. Composition Majors ONLY: You are also required to submit a selection of music scores or recordings. For detailed instructions about audition requirements and process for Composition Majors, please click here.

STEP THREE: Letter of Recommendation

Request one letter of recommendation from the band, orchestra, or private music teacher who knows you best. The recommendation can be filled out by your teacher online,  or you can print it off here to be filled out by hand. If filled out by hand, the envelope must be sealed with the teacher’s signature over the seal. Be sure to write your name on the form before giving it to your teacher to fill out. Completed forms can be sent to: CUSD

STEP FOUR: Audition

Once your completed application has been received, you will be notified of the time and date of your audition. More information on auditions can be found here.


All auditions will be held tba

Audition Repertoire:


It is suggested that you perform your audition from memory, however it is not a requirement to do so.

Students will be asked to vocalize and should bring in a Classical or Musical Theater song. For specific recommendations, please visit our FAQs.

Based on your audition, you may be asked to sight sing, participate in a mini improvisation workshop, and take a music theory test. In addition, you may be asked to sing melodic patterns throughout your range.


Required: A selection, or selections, totaling at least 3 minutes in length, plus a two-octave scale of your choice.

Based on your audition, you may be asked to sight sing, participate in a mini improvisation workshop, and take a music theory test.

Please note: Certain instruments, such as violin, piano, cello, and flute, are exceptionally competitive. While we encourage all interested students to apply, we will undoubtedly have more applicants for these instruments than we can accept. In rare occurrences, applicants in highly-competitive pools with excellent grades and potential may be conditionally accepted to Special Music School High School on a different instrument. Outside of these occurrences, we do not accept beginning instrumentalist.
String players and pianists are encouraged to play from memory.


Composition majors should be prepared to submit scores and/or recordings of their original compositions, which will need to be received by March 1, 2015. Composition majors will be scheduled for an interview in which they will discuss their compositional interests, process, and aesthetic. Additionally, they may be asked to demonstrate skill on an instrument.

Based on your audition, you may be asked to sight sing, participate in a mini improvisation workshop, and take a music theory test.

How to submit you supplementary materials:

All scores, recordings, YouTube links, audio files, CDs, etc. must be received with your completed application, by March 1, 2015.

HSMC accepts electronic submissions of scores and recordings. Please send these items directly to

SCORES: Composers must submit a minimum of two representative original compositions. You may submit up to four compositions if your pieces are very different from each other in style. One composition should be recent, written within in 2014. Scores may be handwritten or created using computer notation software. They must be legible and notated in the most complete and professional manner possible. Printouts or electronic submissions are acceptable. Send electronic submissions to:  HSMC. Electronically submitted scores MUST be in PDF format. (We cannot accept computer files with .sib, .mus, .mscz, .xml, or similar (you must first convert these files to PDF). Noteflight files are accepted; please provide us with the link to your score and be sure you have shared it publicly first.

RECORDINGS: Audio and/or video submissions, one to accompany each score, are strongly encouraged, but not required. Computer-generated recordings (MIDI etc.) are accepted where recorded live performances are not available. Audio files MUST be in MP3 format. (Other formats, such as .wav and .aif, are not accepted.) If you prefer to upload videos to YouTube, you may submit the unlisted link rather than an emailed audio file. Submissions via upload to HSMC or YouTube are preferred. Submissions on CD are acceptable and may be sent to:3

NON-SCORED PIECES: If a piece was created without traditional music notation, e.g. electronic or improvisation-based pieces, you may submit something other than a score. For example, if your piece was created in Logic or Garageband, you may submit the original files (this is not the case for music notation files—see above). Or, for an improvised piece, you can submit a chord chart or similar. Please also submit an MP3 recording of these pieces per the instructions above.





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