Digital Media Career Day At Compton High

Dakar Foundation helped facilitate  first Digital Media  Academy participation (DMA) in the Compton High School (CHS) Elective Fair.  9th-11th grade students were encouraged to browse tables and get information on  courses, clubs and programs offered at CHS. Counselors and Teacher  were  available to answer questions about how to submit their names for qualification.

Revolt Tv, one  of Dakar’s corporate partners lent a hand in making the DMA one of the most attended sessions during the three hour elective fair.

Highlights of the day was Mr. Reynoso showing the signup sheets for the more than 100 students signed up for more information about how they can attend a potential summer bridge program and compete for a spot in the fall 2015-2016 launch of DMA.

Students were asked what emotions were evoked when people found out that they were from Compton?  We heard comments such as people think Compton is known for a high crime rate and poverty.  Several were proud to represent Compton and they want everybody to know that Compton it’s  a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It is home to almost 100,000 people one student lamented.

Dakar wanted to be involve in the elective fair to get a sense of what students would be interested in considering enrollment in the DMA 2015-16 school year?  CHS  has a variety of elective classes available to the incoming 9th – 12th graders, yet career pathways to Hollywood have never been more possible and for students who will be enrolled in the DMA-Apprenticeship Program.


Many of their elective classes at CHS have activity clubs attached to them so a student has many opportunities to become involved and get to know their peers, yet the existing Video Production class managed by instructor Juan Reynoso has done a remarkable job keeping the program on par, and has welcomed Dakar as a collaborator in the next phase of delivering a career-driven curriculum designed for apprenticeship outcomes.

Studies have shown there is a strong correlation between student involvement in extracurricular activities and success. Dakar’s next elective fair will be directed to incoming 9th graders who will be invited to  attended the an Elective Fair (similar to a college fair) inside of Channel 26’s broadcast studio on the high school campus.  The Elective Fair gives students a chance to look over the elective classes before they fill out their enrollment cards.

Tatiana is a  senior in mr. Reynoso’s video production class 2014-2015.  She has become a leader, mentoring 9th-11th graders shared her perspective on  learning experiences, and greater opportunities for young women of color.  


She hopes to further her development in digital media beyond CHS, and Dakar is in discussion with women professionals who can assist her with a game plan that will propel through her last semester and result in a placement in a paid internship of her choice in  visual /performing arts, and digital media, as well as attending Loyola Marymount or Cal State Dominguez.





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