Welcome to the Dakar Digital Media Academy (DDMA) Call To Action. To facilitate the process of putting DDMA into action, will require layers of executive activity, which means that we will be forming a “Board of Advisors,” as the top layer of the organization, an Executive Committee which will be the “Working Backbone” of the organization and then a number of topic specific committees which will participate in project implementation and finally volunteers.


The Board of Advisors will play a Strategic Leadership role first as giving stature to the project and equally in taking a personal role in the progress of the project.  Specifically, The Board of Advisors will be invited to the two times a year Dinner in Honor of the project that will be held at the Spring and Fall Digital Hollywood events.  While we would hope all our Board members would be present for the two dinner celebrations, schedules always put demands on executives of this level.



All during the year, the Board will be given email reports and updates as to progress and implementation of the project. To that end, Board Members might want to place a member of their staff to join one of our implementation committees.

As the project moves along, we would expect that interesting and high profile Video events will emerge out of the project that Board Members may well want to take part in.  Board members at any time may want to “monitor” Video programs being produced by the project. Video “tutorials” will be a primary tool in the organizational process bringing great transparency to the entire process.




At the end of the day, the role of Board Members should only bring satisfaction and pride to the executives.  The demands will not be time consuming.  The executive committee will keep Board Members apprised of activities and progress and it will be up to each Board Member to offer advice, input from colleagues or other important forms of outreach.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts on Board, Committee and Outreach structure and look forward to you joining us in changing a small piece of the world.

Thanks in advance



Kevin Clark

Dakar Foundation For The Performing Arts



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