The man who helped shape the Dakar Media Academy, (DMA) retired Brigadier Arnold Bray once told me that he was once considered a “throwaway kid”.  A term not all too familiar with children branded that way in the Compton Unified School District (CUSD).   DMA has worked with CUSD over the last 3 years plus in trying to bring sustainable to change through content-technology programs that fit within an experimental academy model for CUSD.


People in Dakar’s sphere of influence  often asked Dakar why are we trying to make a difference in Compton when there are plenty of other school districts and private schools who would love to have a program like DMA.  I shared that story with General Bray when we were working on a social justice media project that is near and dear to both of us, “For Love Of Liberty”.

In our attempt to integrate “FLOL” importance  of selflessness and service to others General Bray has become an inspiration to Dakar to find other who fit inside of the Dakar Venn diagram that we are sharing with potential partners who may link with the notion that no one should be left behind because of their social economic profile.

General Bray has coined a term “eyeconomics” the theory that your statistics and skin color should not predetermine your potential value and worth to others. I believe that Dakar can find other like General Bray who can help dis-spell this theory of inequality and intervene in the lives of young boy and girls at the earliest age in the classrooms of under-served communities such as

Once homeless pregnant teen, is now a Brigadier General and Executive at fortune 100

From runaway high school dropout to star management consultant, Linda Singh learned how to succeed along the way. Read More


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